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Re: an embeddable JIT-compilation library based on GCC

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 5:31 PM, David Malcolm <> wrote:

> Some questions for the GCC steering committee:
> * is this JIT work a good thing?  (I think so, obviously, but can I go
>   ahead and e.g. add it to the wiki under "Current Projects"?)
> * do you like the general approach?  I'm choosing to deliberately hide
>   as much as possible of GCC's insides, trying to hit the use-case
>   of being able to add a JIT to an existing interpreted language whilst
>   avoiding scope-creep.
> * it seems worthwhile to have a place to discuss the JIT work: both in
>   terms of development *of* the branch, and for developers wishing to
>   *use* the library in their own projects.  I strongly feel that the
>   only good APIs are those that are developed alongside *users* of
>   those APIs (this forces one to smooth off the rough edges from the
>   API).
>   Hence is it reasonable to have a "" mailing list for
>   this?
> * what would need to happen to get this into 4.9?  or is this an
>   unrealistic goal?
> * should I be posting my patches to "dmalcolm/jit" to the gcc-patches
>   mailing list as I commit them?  Also, should this be just a "jit"
>   branch? (i.e. not under "dmalcolm/")

The JIT work definitely is a good thing. I would recommend a general
"jit" branch and posting patches to gcc-patches.

I think it would be great to include this in GCC 4.9, but these mostly
are technical questions for Global Reviewers and Release Managers.

Thanks for the great work!

- David

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