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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Mikael Pettersson []
> Sent: 04 May 2013 11:51
> To: Paulo Matos
> Cc:
> Subject: Re: BImode and STORE_VALUE_FLAG
> I can't comment on the code in question, but the backend for m68k may be
> affected
> since it defines STORE_FLAG_VALUE as -1.  Do you have a testcase that would
> cause
> wrong code, or a patch to cure the issue?  I'd be happy to do some testing on
> m68k-linux.
> /Mikael


I have looked at m68k code and it seems that the predicate (cc reg) is FPmode.
I can't see a definition of FPmode anywhere (where is it?) but I assume it's not a
defined as a single bit. I think we are making the mistake of using BImode for this 
and therefore STORE_FLAG_VALUE of -1 is invalid (or unsupported because it's meaningless).

So I guess the problem (which might not be a problem after all can't be reproduced in m68k and
it's fine. I will keep researching this issue and will get back to you if I find 
anything interesting. In the meantime, where is FPmode defined in m68k?

Paulo Matos

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