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Re: Align a POD srtuct on the stack (alia sing issue with gcc 4.6+)â

Re: Floating Point subnormal numbers unde r C99 with GCC 4.7â

Floating P oint subno rmal numbe rs under C 99 with GC C 4.7â

Align a PO D srtuct o n the stac k (aliasin g issue wi th gcc 4.6 +)‏

RE: Align a POD srtu ct on the stack (ali asing issu e with gcc 4.6+)‏

[Announce] New gcc 4.7 vtable security branch in GCC repository.

Re: [patch][RFC] bail out after front-end errors

About new project

Re: Adding Rounding Mode to Operations Opcodes in Gimple and RTL

Re: Align a POD srtuct on the stack (aliasing issue with gcc 4.6+)

Aspectos Criticos a Considerar de los Salarios Caidos

Auditoria Interna y Funciones del Auditor Actual

autovectorizer doesn't support multistep widen mult

Better debugging with!

Bootstrapping glibc vs. dependency on system headers

bug report: not-a-number not recognized when compiling for x86_64

Bug repositories

Build error in genconstants.c

Building GCC using C++

Caller save mode on MIPS

cgraph instrumentation

Claves para Obtener Pagina Web Eficaz

Re: cloog/isl version update for gcc 4.8

code hoisting with CCmode condition codes

Como Usar Exitosamente la Red Linkedin

Compiling GCC problems

Components no longer exist

contrib/test_summary mail error

Control dependence vs. builtin_unreachable

Copyright assignment forms

Re: Deprecate i386 for GCC 4.8?

edges, plugins, and why they need a GC....

error: invalid use of void expression

Re: Fully flow and context sensitive points-to analysis in GCC 4.6.0

gcc 4.7 regression on bool function specialization

gcc 4.7.3 plans?

GCC 4.8.0 Status Report (2013-01-08), Stage 3 is over, regression fixes and docs only in effect immediately

gcc : c++11 : full support : eta?

GCC cannot move address calculation to store+load?

Re: GCC Cauldron: Notes from the C++ ABI BOF

GCC Plugin Announcement; CTraps - Lightweight dynamic analysis for concurrent code

gcc-4.6-20130104 is now available

gcc-4.6-20130111 is now available

gcc-4.6-20130118 is now available

gcc-4.6-20130125 is now available

gcc-4.7-20130105 is now available

gcc-4.7-20130112 is now available

gcc-4.7-20130119 is now available

gcc-4.7-20130126 is now available

gcc-4.8-20130106 is now available

gcc-4.8-20130113 is now available

gcc-4.8-20130120 is now available

gcc-4.8-20130127 is now available

GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - 2nd Call for Abstracts

Graphite TODO tasks

Guia de Estados Financieros para Directores No Financieros

hard typdef - proposal - I know it's not in the standard

a hello, and a few gcc v4+ implementation questions

ICE: in bitmap_set_replace_value

Identical basic blocks live long in RTL flow.

Imprecise data flow analysis leads to code bloat

Initial Stack Padding?

Integer Overflow/Wrap and GCC Optimizations

isl-0.10 and cloog-0.17.0 removed from ftp server

libada configure contains wrong code and GNAT as a cross compiler in general

libatomic multilib testing

Re: libgcc: soft float on mips-wrs-vxworks

lm32 unknown exception model (side-effect of libgcc reorg)

Loading Gimple from file

Re: Loading Gimple from file

Long term viability of GCC (was Re: gcc : c++11 : full support : eta?)

make check stops after one case in asan.exp

microblaze unroll loops optimization

mips16 and nomips16

Missed ssa-copyrename optimization?

missing optimization "a << (b & 63) to a << b"


Offset from frame pointer question

optimize malloc to stack allocation.

A pass that worked in gcc-4.6.2 fails in gcc-4.7.2

Pipe Line

POWER architecture transaction memory documentation

PR 55171 4.6 Backport

Re: pre-compiled versions of GCC for hp-ux

Primary and secondary sysroot?

problem inserting new function to cgraph

Problem with static constructor priorities on Darwin

Query for Empty Structure Extension.

Query regarding atomic builtins

question about section 10.12

Re: question on "undefined reference to _gcov_init"

Question on lower-subreg.c

register indirect addressing for global variables on powerpc

Remove node from cgraph

RFC: "firehose" : an interchange format (and code) for static code analysis results

Romantic evening

RTL insns set differences

stabs support in binutils, gcc, and gdb

stabs/dwarf size comparison on CSiBE (Was: stabs support in binutils, gcc, and gdb)

Stellaris Non-Word-Aligned Write to SRAM Erratum

Suspicious missing tail call opportunity

Synopsys DesignWare ARC Port

System V Application Binary Interface 0.99.5

Re: System V Application Binary Interface 0.99.5

Too conservative in hardreg propagation pass?

Fwd: Updating copyright dates automatically

vec.h vs. --enable-gather-detailed-mem-stats

VUSE ops on return statements that return a GIMPLE reg?

Fwd: Your NY Photos

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