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Re: Fully flow and context sensitive points-to analysis in GCC 4.6.0

Richard Biener wrote, On Thursday 24 January 2013 01:57 AM:
On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 8:12 PM, Uday Khedker <> wrote:
Hi Richard,

I am trying to understand the full implications of your statement:

Yes, that's what I say.  Any pointer that is dereferenced is first
copied to
an SSA name.  Basically everything residing in memory first has to be
loaded to an SSA name before it can be dereferenced.  That load is
in the IL

There are many parts and let me take one by one:

- You talk about dereference. So a statement p=q would not mean loading
   q into memory. Had q been a global scalar variable, it would have been
   loaded into an SSA name. Then why is it not loaded when it is global
   pointer. Why a load only for p=*q and not for p=q?

If q is a global pointer it is of course also first loaded into an SSA name.

- When we have p=*q, agreed that we are loading a value from memory but
   then it is *q that is being loaded. Why should an SSA name be created
   for q even when q is a local pointer?

If q is a local pointer that does not have its address taken then it will be in SSA form. If it is not in SSA form then q is first loaded into an SSA name before it can be dereferenced.

What am I missing?

If I remember the discussion correctly it was about where to put points-to results.

Yes that is the context and we are trying to devise a way of implementing your suggestion.

My student Pritam has come up with an example that seems to differ from your explanation (and
we don't know how to proceed).

In the program below, we have a global pointer p that has conditional assignments before its
use on the RHS of a copy statement.

int **p;
int main()
    int *x,*y,a,c,*z;
    x = &a;
    z = &c;
        p = &x;
        p = &y;
     int **t = p;
The assignment t=p does not seem to load p inspite of p being a global pointer. Here's
the relevant code fragment from test.c.017t.ssa:
<bb 3>:
  p = &x;
  goto <bb 5>;

<bb 4>:
  p = &y;

<bb 5>:
  t_3 = p;
  x.1_4 = x;
  D.2524_5 = *x.1_4;
  D.2525_6 = *z_1;
Note that p is global but it has been loaded neither loaded, nor does it have a PHI function.
There is no way we can put the pointees of p in SSA_NAME_PTR_INFO of p in a flow sensitive

So if a later optimization pass were to find out aliases of p or pointees of p for the statement
t_3 = p, I don't know how will we supply the information that was discovered by our analysis.


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