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libada configure contains wrong code and GNAT as a cross compiler in general


I'm trying to add GNAT to Yocto and still coming across problems. I have
a number of questions about GNAT as a cross compiler, I know it wasn't
designed as one within the GCC tree, but I think it needs to be capable
of building as one to match the other compilers.

1) The latest problem I'm having is that it fails to build, I've managed to track it down to the following code
inside libada/configure:

    # Determine what to build for 'gnatlib'
    if test $build = $target \
       && test ${enable_shared} = yes ; then
      # Note that build=target is almost certainly the wrong test; FIXME

Surely, it shouldn't matter whether the $build = $target is true or not,
it should be whether the target supports shared libs or not. So, am I ok
to remove this test (keeping the enable_shared test)? Is there anything
else that could break because of this change?

In fact, should the code in libada/configure script actually do platform
tests, just as they are done in the gnattools/configure script?

2) I also want to point out that inside
gcc/ada/gcc-interface/ there are lines such as:

    GNATLIB_SHARED = gnatlib-shared-dual

Is these relics? If so, shouldn't the above configure script also use
the "-dual" and the other options available to it?

3) Coming back to gnattools, there are tests in there to set the
TOOLS_TARGET_PAIRS variable, which are also set in
gcc/ada/gcc-interface/, are the ones set in the
also relics? Can they be removed from there?

4) What is the point of the --disable-libada flag exactly? I've seen a
reference to there being a point, just not what that point is,
especially considering it disabled the build of gnattools and if you
disable the link between the two, the gnattools use the system runtime.
I don't understand this at all.


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