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招 聘入职与试用期管 理策略gnu.org

[ANN] C++Now 2013 submission deadline extended to January 5th

[cxx-conversion] Do not use ChangeLog files

[cxx-conversion] Weekly merge from trunk

[PATCH] Adjust build requirement docs for GCC 4.8

Re: [patch][RFC] bail out after front-end errors

Fw: [RE-SENDING]Re: MCSoC2013: to enhance embedded Linux for many-core system

Accessing Go type descriptors from the middle end

Adding Rounding Mode to Operations Opcodes in Gimple and RTL

Ann: MELT plugin 0.9.8 release for GCC 4.6, 4.7 & future 4.8


Assigning memory to parameters and SSA

Bootstrap broken on powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu "aliased to undefined symbol" (in definition of macro '_GLIBCXX_LDBL_COMPAT')

Bootstraps with different build configurations.

Broken link in gcc-4.8/changes.html

BUG: assuming signed overflow does not occur when simplifying conditional to constant

Built gcc 4.7.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS under virtualbox under XP

Re: Character set for libstdc++ manual

Re: Chromium ISSUE with GCC 4.8

cloog/isl version update for gcc 4.8

Company looking for US adult staff members. Vacancy ID-9418

configure gcc - target_header_dir

Could IWMMXT_GR_REGS be contained by ALL_REGS in ARM back end?

A cscope-like gcc plugin

cselib_record_set breaks due to auto_inc_dec

Debug info for function with variable number of arguments is incorrect (rs6000)

Deprecate i386 for GCC 4.8?

Do we want the like of http://gcc.gnu.org/r22342 ?

Re: DRIVER_SELF_SPECS and multilib

RE: Failure to vectorize widen mult through intermediate steps

Forum about Legal Drugs

GCC support of openACC

gcc-4.6-20121207 is now available

gcc-4.6-20121214 is now available

gcc-4.6-20121221 is now available

gcc-4.6-20121228 is now available

gcc-4.7-20121201 is now available

gcc-4.7-20121208 is now available

gcc-4.7-20121215 is now available

gcc-4.7-20121222 is now available

gcc-4.7-20121229 is now available

gcc-4.8-20121202 is now available

gcc-4.8-20121209 is now available

gcc-4.8-20121216 is now available

gcc-4.8-20121223 is now available

gcc-4.8-20121230 is now available

GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - Call for Abstracts

How do disable generation of LDRD in ARM

How does address sanitizer handle read-modify-write memory access?

how to disable static libs for libsanitizer?

How to tell that a compiler test result is from a branch?

How to write an array var into .s file without null-terminator

i386 port

inconsistent code generation at -m32 with -fprofile-generate -D_PROFILE_GENERATE

Internal Compiler Error

Issue with c++11 header random.h

Keeping gcc ports live

libtsan invalid use of ld-linux internals

The Linux binutils is released

The Linux binutils is released

MCSoC2013: to enhance embedded Linux for many-core system

Mesa de Crisis

native Linux x86 compile failure

Re: New dump infrastructure

OpenMP pragma expansion problem

PING [discuss] [x86-64 psABI] RFC: Extend x86-64 psABI to support x32

plans for 'Rvalue references for *this' support?

Please don't deprecate i386 for GCC 4.8

Possible issue with integer promotion for << and >> in gcc.4.5.3

Preventing link time optimization from inlining

Questions on verification function df_lr_verify_solution_start/end

Registration for C++Now 2013 is now open

Re: Reorg a reorg.c comment

RFC: [ARM] Disable peeling

Should G++ reject initializer list narrowing conversions in -std=C++11 -pedantic mode?

skipping run or link steps in tests

Stale C++ ABI link

Updating the simtest-howto

Using a 'V' constraint with QI mode....

Using known data structure hierarchy in GC and PCH?

Ways to add source annotations to a loop

www.amd64.org is down

x86-64 default memory models

x86-64 medium memory model

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