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Re: Fwd: Questions regarding licensing issues

Hi Richard,

If you have a legal question, you should ask an attorney who specializes
in copyright law as it applies to computer software.  Do not rely on
anything you get as a response to your question online.

There are not many lawyers in Greece that deal with open-source licenses.

If NAC is *your* representation,

It is not my representation, but my "assembly" language code.

rather than that of some standard
(such as a published assembler representation of some real machine)

I can built a real machine if this is needed. A soft-core running NAC machine code on an FPGA. And e.g. I can sell one license for the use of this processor core under a symbolic amount. In this case, this will be a commercial machine with published specs and all. The assembly representation can be reworked in any given possible way that would please the FSF.

In some form, this is already there (my "ByoRISC" processor, essentially was running SUIF virtual machine code, the predecessor of NAC).

Would these solve my problem?

I don't find any of these as an actual showstopper. The FSF is not entitled to decide whether a target architecture is a spoof or not as long as it is properly defined.

then they would both be considered derived works from each other.

Best regards, Nikolaos Kavvadias

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