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Re: Questions regarding licensing issues

I'm pretty certain I have correctly interpreted GPL,v3. I have good
reasons to believe that. However, I'm willing to read your
interpretation of the GPL,v3, if you have any.

If you are certain enough, then you can of course proceed on that assumption. I have no interest in giving my opinion on this, why should I? Perhaps others will, who knows? We will see, but it would not surprise me if no one is willing to provide the equivalent of an electronic letter of comfort :-)

BTW, it is no surprise that you got no response from

I thought this was their job. Obviously I was wrong. I'm not trying to circumvent the GPL just to adhere to it. Is this so wrong? Then what is the point of the exception clauses? They are there but you don't want people to understand how to use them?

Yes, you were wrong, it is not the job of that mailing list to provide legal advice!

There are two comfortable ways to conform to the GPL.

a) make all your own stuff GPL'ed

b) write proprietary code, that links in only modules with
the standard library exception.

Anything else, and you are prettty much on your own. Especially
if trying to rig up some system that has full-GPL components, and
non-GPL components.

Even a) and b) are a little tricky if you don't have a well defined
entity that can guarantee the licensing of the modules you use (remember
that notices within files do not have legal weight).

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