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Re: Questions regarding licensing issues


You can't expect to get legal advice from a list like this, and if
you do get advice, you can't trust it. You have to consult an attorney
to evaluate issues like this, and even then you can't get
guaranteed definitive advice. Copyright issues are complex,
as Supap Kirtsaeng is discovering in his trip to the supreme court.

"Well, sh!t sir, I'd hate to see this happen" -- random movie quote, not my saying

And I don't know Supap.

Furthermore, no one has any interest in assuring you that what
you are doing is OK in advance. The GPL is about encouraging
people to use the GPL, and the gcc community does not really
have an interest in making it easier for people to follow
some other path.

AFAICS GPL,v3+ restricts my freedom... I thought that its purpose was to protect my freedom. Anything GPL'ed would remain GPL'ed. If you'd read my email carefully you would see that I propose two things: 1) a plugin, 2) a backend that would be open-source, GPL, v3.

I only want to protect my work (the non-GPL software), basically due to the fact that although I have developed something like 5-10 patentable processes that are implemented as software within non-GPL software, I don't have the resources to patent them. And I mean a patent regarding the process or "apparatus" and certainly not the software (justifiably unpatentable!)

For instance, I have a world-first process of applying operation chaining directly on VHDL codes, without any graph-based or IR-based analyses. I can't affort the $25k patent, just don't want to disclose my hard work. At the same time, I acknowledge how much GPL software helps it is really important e.g. in the public infrastructure. I don't find anything demonic in being on both sides of the mirror. Everyone is if you elaborate deeply on this, it is yourself on both sides, right?

I know I have come to a scheme that I will not violate the GPL. I guess you have to further restrict my freedom in GPL, version 4, so I could not apply it. I hope this will not happen. In this economic turmoil, all good guys are needed. The big picture (for this particular sector of IT) is how to open jobs to more capable people, regain and facilitate growth. Maybe the FSF are the bad guys after all.

The only thing that would assure you that what you are planning
is OK is a specific intepretation of how the GPL applies by the
copyright holder.

I'm pretty certain I have correctly interpreted GPL,v3. I have good reasons to believe that. However, I'm willing to read your interpretation of the GPL,v3, if you have any.

BTW, it is no surprise that you got no response from

I thought this was their job. Obviously I was wrong. I'm not trying to circumvent the GPL just to adhere to it. Is this so wrong? Then what is the point of the exception clauses? They are there but you don't want people to understand how to use them?

Sincerely yours, Nikolaos Kavvadias

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