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Re: Questions regarding licensing issues

On 11/7/2012 5:52 AM, wrote:

1. Is it possible to use this scheme and not violate the GPL,v3 for
GCC? If I use GIMPLE dumps generated by "-fdump-tree-all" I think
there is a violation (correct me if not). Thus this module should be
FLOSS/GPL'ed, right?

You can't expect to get legal advice from a list like this, and if you do get advice, you can't trust it. You have to consult an attorney to evaluate issues like this, and even then you can't get guaranteed definitive advice. Copyright issues are complex, as Supap Kirtsaeng is discovering in his trip to the supreme court.

Furthermore, no one has any interest in assuring you that what
you are doing is OK in advance. The GPL is about encouraging
people to use the GPL, and the gcc community does not really
have an interest in making it easier for people to follow
some other path.

This may seem a little harsh, but it's (somewhat inevitably)
the way things are.

The only thing that would assure you that what you are planning
is OK is a specific intepretation of how the GPL applies by the
copyright holder. But this is not going to happen. Random non-expert
opinions by folks who are not attorneys may help confirm your
intepretation, but it's risky to rely on such opinions.

BTW, it is no surprise that you got no response from

Robert Dewar

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