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Re: 32-bit PowerPC reference test platform

On 07/11/2012 02:15, David Edelsohn wrote:
On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:08 AM, Sebastian Huber
<> wrote:

Ok, does this mean that there is no primary and secondary target in GCC that
covers PowerPC Book E with ELF and EABI?

If I change something in this area is there at least a well known tertiary

GCC is used for a lot of Freescale products in the embedded systems market.
What is necessary to make e.g. powerpc-unknown-eabi a secondary target?

Some people post testsuite results for powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu on the testsuite mailinglist -- one from Debain and I do not know the affiliation of the other. powerpc-apple-darwin also is 32 bit. And IBM tests 32 bit multilib although GCC is built as 64 bit.

I thought that Codesourcery tested 32 bit PowerPC at some point in the
past.  You need to ask Freescale why they are not more engaged.

Thanks, David

Codesourcery (and therefore Mentor Graphics) certainly distribute (and sell) PowerPC ELF EABI gcc toolchains for 32-bit PowerPC devices. I don't know how many different types they use in testing, but I expect they have a number of systems. I'm sure they'd be interested in your changes.

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