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Re: expansion of vector shifts...

David Miller <> writes:
> On sparc a simple test like (from the PR tree-optimization/53410 testcase):
> ====================
> typedef int V __attribute__((vector_size (4 * sizeof (int))));
> typedef unsigned int W __attribute__((vector_size (4 * sizeof (int))));
> void
> f10 (W *p, W *q)
> {
>   *p = *p < (((const W) { 1U, 1U, 1U, 1U }) << *q);
> }
> ====================
> aborts in convert_move() because we're trying to move a TImode value
> into a V2SImode one.  How does that happen?
> On sparc the generic tree vector layer turns the above expression into
> two V2SImode shifts.  The *q parts of each shift are represented as:
> 	(subreg:V2SI (reg:TI xxx) 0)
> 	(subreg:V2SI (reg:TI xxx) 8)
> When we get down into expand_shift_1(), that SUBREG is stripped out by
> the SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED code, and that's how we end up in the crash
> by the time we reach convert_move() (via expand_binop() -->
> expand_binop_directly() --> convert_modes() --> convert_move()).
> Perhaps we should elide the SUBREG stripping if the subreg has a
> vector mode?

Agreed, although...

> Actually, what seems to confuse this code is that we're passing
> TImode values around for this vector that the target doesn't have
> direct support for.  The SUBREG stripper explicitly checks for
> INTEGRAL_MODE_P, and indeed TImode is integral.

...given that the code is like you say written:

      if (CONST_INT_P (op1)
      else if (GET_CODE (op1) == SUBREG
	       && subreg_lowpart_p (op1)
	op1 = SUBREG_REG (op1);

INTEGRAL_MODE_P (GET_MODE (op1)) might be better than an explicit
VECTOR_MODE_P check.  The code really doesn't make sense for anything
other than integers.

(It amounts to the same thing in practice, of course...)


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