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Re: Questions about the dg-do directive

On 10/16/2012 03:31 PM, Dominique Dhumieres wrote:
> Thanks for the quick answer.
>> That's just the way it works, so I suppose you could call it a feature.
> So the answer to (1) is yes and to (2) it is a poorly documented feature.
> May be the restriction to one dg-do directive should be added to
> .

And .

> In gcc/testsuite/* I have found 27 instances of such double directives
> most of the in the powerpc tests (*).
> I can provide a list if it helps.
>> ... We have much better ways in
>> local test directives to skip and xfail tests for different targets.
> Could you elaborate please? AFAIU skip or xfail do not allow to do
> what was intended in the* cases for instance:
> run for powerpc*-*-* && vmx_hw and compile for
> powerpc*-*-* && { ! vmx_hw }.

No, those would need to be done in separate tests, or via a different
.exp file (perhaps in a subdirectory) that sets dg-do-what-default
to "compile" or "run" depending on the target; there are several sets
of tests that already do that.


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