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Re: Request for comments on language extension: Safe arrays and pointers for C, September draft.

Here's the September 2012 draft of my "Safe arrays and pointers for C"

This incorporates most of the substantive issues raised in
previous discussions.

Brief summary:

- Optional "strict mode" via pragma which prohibits some unsafe
  pointer usages.
- Prevents buffer overflows in strict mode.
- Bring C++ references into C, so programmers can talk about arrays.
- Expressions allowed in array dimensions (like VLA params, but
  in a few more contexts.)
- Strict code can call non-strict code, and vice versa.
- Libraries and APIs with array params can be given strict
  declarations, and can be called from strict code (safely) and
  non-strict code (unsafely), allowing gradual conversion.

The goal is to eliminate buffer overflows in strict mode code,
providing a substantial improvement in security and reliability
for security-critical C programs.

I'm proposing this as an enhancement to GCC, in two phases.

Phase 1: Add language mode flag for this feature set.
         Support new language features.  No bounds checking
         in this phase.

Phase 2: Add optional bounds checking.

I'd appreciate comments on how difficult phase 1 would be.

			John Nagle

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