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Re: How much time left till phase 3?

On 2012-10-02 05:45 , Richard Guenther wrote:

Anybody else with things they want to merge during stage1?

I have the VEC API rename finished and currently under testing. I expect to have it done by early next week.

There are some gengtype changes that will improve C++ parsing that should go in during stage 1. The other gengtype changes I have in the pipeline are going to be too invasive post stage 1.

Finally, I've been thinking of porting asan/tsan to replace mudflap. Dodji, you expressed interest in it recently.

Jakub, Richi, Joseph, should we do this during the next stage 1? I'm not sure how much mudflap is actually used. If it isn't, maybe this work can be done after stage 1 closes, but I would like to get an explicit OK from the RMs. This is work that can be done on a branch and merge back into trunk for 4.9 at the next stage 1.

Lawrence and I are planning some API cleanups in the middle end, so we will be looking at the recently proposed plugin API proposal. We will be working on defining C++ APIs. This work will be done on a branch, but we will publish proposals in the coming weeks.


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