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Re: gfortran error: Statement order error: declaration after DATA

David N. Bradley wrote:
I am trying to compile the cactuscode package and can not get past the
error :
    Statement order error: declaration after DATA

Somehow the whole is very odd.

a) I tried your program with gfortran 4.1 to 4.8, g95 and g77 - and none of them prints this error - all compile the program even with -std=f95 without any error.

b) The code looks perfectly valid to me - the Fortran standard doesn't mandate that after DATA no other declaration comes. (Even having DATA after the first execution statement is valid, albeit obsolescent.)

Your email lacks important pieces of information, in particular, which compiler in which version you are using under which operating system.

Note that GCC ( only develops/supports gfortran but no other compiler. (g77 was the predecessor but is no longer maintained.)

Additionally, gcc@ is the mailing list for GCC development, please send usage questions to gcc-help@ (or gfortran's fortran@) but not to gcc@.


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