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-debug to collect2

50% slowdown with LTO

劳 务 派 遣 实 务 应 对 策 略

[cxx-conversion] Final trunk->branch merge

[libstdc++] Mis-configure _GLIBCXX_LONG_DOUBLE_COMPAT?

[RFC] gcc 4.8 vs glibc alias macros

Re: [wwwdocs] Update links to C++ ABI

[wwwdocs] Update links to C++ ABI (was: at exit alternative for AIX)

ANN: gcc-python-plugin 0.10

Re: Are we fast yet?

Re: array bounds violation in caller-save.c : duplicate hard regs check added

at exit alternative for AIX

Auto-stuff in GCC

Been right on the money

Bug for each patch

bug or idiosyncrasy?

C++ and gather-detailed-mem-stats

The C++ conversion branch has been merged into trunk

C++ conversion? Why still .c (not .cc) files and CC (not CXX) in Makefile.in?

Re: Change default BOOT_CFLAGS for release builds

Compilation error between SVN trunk revision 190444 and 190442

Contributing and GCC GPL

Copyright assignment forms

copyright assignment forms for GCC

The cream of the crop for 2011 - GET IN EARLY!

Creating a global string constant node.

cxx-conversion a good idea?

Dealing with alignment on atomic operations.

detecting if cross-compiler (in plugin)?

Error handling after gimple statement insert.

Error Handling Updating (part 2)

error when building trunk rev. 190799

Excluding dejagnu testcases for subtargets

The Extension to ELF


Function parameter debug info at -O0

gcc 4.6.1 double to long cast on 32bit systems

Re: GCC Cauldron: Notes from the C++ ABI BOF

GCC debug info question (PR 54061, mips coprocessor registers)

GCC stack backtraces

GCC support for PowerPC VLE

gcc trunk fails to build without isl/cloog

gcc trunk target libraries do not build on Darwin 12.1

GCC with Solaris -- using std::locale crashes

gcc-4.6-20120803 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120810 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120817 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120824 is now available

gcc-4.6-20120831 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120804 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120811 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120818 is now available

gcc-4.7-20120825 is now available

gcc-4.8-20120805 is now available

gcc-4.8-20120812 is now available

gcc-4.8-20120819 is now available

gcc-4.8-20120826 is now available

gcov question

GDB issues on Trunk

hey! My name is Nadene!

Hopelessly broken loop_father, loop_depth

How to set params under option?

Re: HTTP header doesn't specify utf-8

RE: ICE with MEM_REF when Pmode is different from word_mode

internal compiler error in find_costs_and_classes

Re: internal compiler error using lambda and this

ISL install troubles

Issues with Installing GCC-3.0.4 on SCO

It has been showing a steady move up on increasing volume.

It is intended that -Wall over-ride specific flags?

Re: Let INSTALL/README mention the instructions on line

libgfortran.so and libgfortra.a statically link program

The Linux binutils is released

Massive FORTRAN failures

MELT plugin release 0.9.6-d for GCC 4.6 and 4.7 (& graphical probe)]

Re: Merge C++ conversion into trunk (0/6 - Overview)

Merging Cilk Plus into GCC Trunk

Merging the cxx-conversion branch into trunk

FW: Minutes of Meeting (29-Aug-2012): Status and Queries in icyflex2 Work Package 1 and 2

mips/debug/reload question (PR 54128)


New GCC takes 19x as long to compile my program (compared to old GCC), plus void** patch suggestion

Optimising/cleaning-up GSOC summary. What was done, future directions.

PATCH: Don't set HOST_LIB_PATH_bfd/HOST_LIB_PATH_opcodes

Picochip port (was: Steering Committee)


Re: pr45605.C devirtualize call failure in ia64-hp-hpux?

Re: PR53914, rs6000 constraints and reload queries

Problem running the libgomp testsuite

Question about Dejagnu C++ Execution Test

Question on calculating register pressure before ira pass

Question: at which version gcc started supporting -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE for c++ files?

Reproducible gcc builds, gfortran, and -grecord-gcc-switches

Request for comments on language extension: Safe arrays and pointers for C.

RFC - Introducing different VEC types

Re: RFC: extend cprop_hardreg into a global pass

RFH - Testing cxx-conversion branch on bfin and c6x

Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH in gcc testsuite

The Shorts Are Out!

Size difference in base class between GCC releases

Slides and video for Cauldron 2012 presentations

Steering Committee

Support for C++11 decltype (N3276)

Thoughts on Gengtype and Single Inheritance

Re: TOC errors on AIX

Tree Versioning Question

trunk merged into MELT branch after C++ conversion

Re: typos in http://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/CppConventions

Using C++ - Problem with <cstdlib>

Using DejaGNU on GCC's Testsuite

Watch this stock take off

Weird optimization flags behavior

What is the meaning of mode on a SET

Why do we need to set HOST_LIB_PATH_bfd/HOST_LIB_PATH_opcodes?

x86_64 unwinder in libgcc_s

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