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Re: cxx-conversion a good idea?

On 08/30/2012 01:43 PM, Nikos Fotoulis wrote:

> The cxx-conversion idea does not come without its cons. The most
> important for us is that there will not be a plain gcc-core package
> that is smaller, builds faster a plain C compiler with a smaller
> binary and is able to bootstrap future versions of a plain C
> compiler made of the latest vesion of gcc. The con is recursive.
> The pros are two as far as i can see:
> 1) The C++ frontend will be put to the test in the bootstrap
> proccess. This one indeed has some value.
> 2) The gcc codebase can become cleaner and/or faster. This one is
> arguable and it would take some real numbers to prove the extra
> bootstrap time is worth it.
> Please note that i'm speaking as someone who is developing software
> that is strictly C (and many projects are like that, including
> python, perl, ffmpeg, linux-kernel, etc, etc) and i'm interested to
> get the latest gcc-core snapshot occassionaly to test both gcc and
> my software.  And the explosion of the tarball size and bootstrap
> time lately is very discouraging.

But, as a C developer, why do you care if GCC is written in C++?
What difference will that make to you?

Bear in mind that we have had the discussion about C++ conversion
for a long time, and we have considered the pros and the cons, and
we have made a decision.


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