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Auto-stuff in GCC

Hi, I was planning to include this in my final report, but it turned out big enough as a rant to send it separately.

About my patch at [1], since I was using strnlen() in one of my dwarf2out patches I had to also make sure configure tested for its availability, and also provide it in libiberty for targets missing it. This process proved way more tedious than it ought to be, and even after completing it there were some licensing issues because of GPL incompatibilities since I borrowed code from gnulib. I /think/ the discussion ended up proving there are no issues, so I'll try pushing the patch again.


It is a pity however to have such issues in-between GPL programs. IMHO it
would be awesome if all the necessary bits from gnulib were included to
GCC, so we could use all the automatic auto* tools that help with
multi-platform development.

Moreover, while messing with the auto-stuff in GCC I also made an attempt to enable AM_SILENT_RULES in automake. But it seems each directory is configured in a different manner, and I think automake is not even used in most. I'm sure I haven't understood the architecture of GCC's autotools stack, so I'd appreciate pointers to any documentation describing it, or mentioning things that should be cleaned up. I wanted to make even more changes for cleaning up the build process, but I have to figure it out at first.

Thanks, Dimitris

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