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Re: The C++ conversion branch has been merged into trunk

On 15 August 2012 03:05, Diego Novillo <> wrote:
> I have committed rev 190402, which merges the cxx-conversion branch into
> trunk.  Thanks to everyone who provided review feedback and tested the
> branch.
> While we have tested the changes pretty thoroughly, we will monitor results
> from testers for any new failures introduced by these changes. Please CC
> myself and Lawrence on any issues that may be related to the C++ changes.
> As discussed in,
> there are no functional changes to the compiler. We tried very hard to limit
> the amount of API changes we introduced to minimize merge conflicts.
> Now that the changes are in trunk we will start changing the APIs to take
> advantage of the re-written data structures.
> I have also committed the changes to the home page news section and 4.8
> changes to reflect the new implementation language.

I have made Gengtype changes to support methods in structs/classes,
and other minor changes, and have modified latest 4.7 parser.c to
class'ize cp_parser and cp_lexer. I got operators (new) parsing, but
bumped into problems with the gengtype handwritten parser with regard
to constructors. So am currently working on a new gengtype frontend to
support C++ 2003.

Currently I am just waiting on GCC copyright assignment to come
through. I will update my changes to SVN head, and give a patch once
the copyright assignment has gone through.



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