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Re: Excluding dejagnu testcases for subtargets

On 08/09/2012 10:52 PM, Senthil Kumar Selvaraj wrote:
> Hi,
>  What is the recommended way to skip specific (non target specific) testcases for a  subtargets?
>  There are a bunch of tests in the gcc testsuite that are too big (in
>  terms of code size or memory) for a subtarget of the avr target. The
>  subtarget is specified in the dejagnu board configuration file
>  (set_board_info cflags "-mmcu <subtarget name>").
>  Using dg-skip-if with "-mmcu <subtarget name>" for the include part did
>  not work. Looking at the source (target-supports-dg.exp) showed that it 
>  doesn't consider board_info cflags. Only board_info multilib_flags, 
>  flags specified in dg-options, $TOOL_OPTIONS and $TEST_ALWAYS_FLAGS 
>  appear to be considered.
>  Should we set the -mmcu option to  multilib_flags instead of cflags in 
>  the board config? Should we use --tool_opt in RUNTESTFLAGS? How do
>  other targets handle this?
>  Regards
>  Senthil

Probably check-flags in target-supports-dg.exp should check cflags
in the board_info along with the other flags.  Can you try that to
see if it does what you need?


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