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Re: The Extension to ELF

> ELF is designed to permit fast program loading at runtime, and to
> permit fast linking.  Changing symbol and relocation values to take
> general expressions works against that goal.

> I'm sure it is possible to improve on ELF in various ways.  However,
> ELF is pretty good.  I very strongly recommend that you understand how
> the format works before you attempt to extend it.

Thanks for your reply.

I don't necessarily have a thought special to ELF.  I merely thought
vaguely "it will become such a form, supposing it realizes".  If
required, even if it will become a completely different format from
ELF, I don't care.

I showed example.

> Point_do6 .define Object_MMAX .+ 4

What I hope is that this definition is going to be stored in .o file
as the following form.

[Point_do6] [Object_MAX] [4] [+] [!]

My main hope is to keep the principle "What is necessary is to
re-compile only the source files you touched".  I don't care at all if
I must convert the execution file or library file from different
format to ELF after linking or archiving.

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