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Re: Merging the cxx-conversion branch into trunk

On 12-08-03 03:55 , Richard Guenther wrote:

I am currently debugging this change. After I fix the remaining PCH
failures, I will send the patch for review.

Please make sure to send a patch doing 4. for review separate of the cxx-branch merging.

That's the patch I was referring to, yes.

Micha worked on the plugin API for some time and I believe has something
ready already (also introspection only).


Sure, I expect that most of the special GTY annotations should be handled
by user-provided walkers.  I suppose it would be useful to allow to specify
that only certain fields of a struct are handled by the user walker?  Like

Possible. The current approach only generates user-callable entry points to types that are referred to in template parameters. We can make it so every type gets a user entry point.

/* Base of all entries in the symbol table. The symtab_node is inherited by cgraph and varpol nodes. */ struct GTY(()) symtab_node_base { ... /* Linked list of symbol table entries starting with symtab_nodes. */ symtab_node next GTY((specialized)); symtab_node previous GTY((specialized)); ...

and then have gengtype generate

Or this, but we can probably do this just as easily without the markers. I'll discuss this more in the patch I'll be sending later today.


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