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Re: Fixincludes

> There have been discussions about the need (or lack of) for this script
> to run on the Linux From Scratch development list. In LFS gcc is
> bootstrapped in a very confined chroot environment where the only
> headers available are the Linux headers and those from glibc. What is in
> question is whether it is better in our very minimal build environment
> to let the script run or disable it.

That's indeed a decision that needs to be made on a platform by platform basis.
You can easily evaluate what the scripts does, it's only text as input and text 
as output.  If it does nothing for your platform at a given point in time, you 
might want to take the risk of disabling it for the future. 

> After reading up further, it appears that the possibility exists that
> the script may 'fix' things in the libc headers that we don't want or
> need 'fixed'. I'm trying to ascertain what things the script in
> particular is 'fixing' and which way is more technically sound in our
> build scenario.

In my experience, bugs in fixincludes are very rare.  Every fix that is applied 
is documented in the sources.

Eric Botcazou

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