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Re: Updated GCC vs Clang diagnostics

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 3:58 AM, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
> On 13 April 2012 02:40, Joe Buck wrote:
>> I'm not interested in color output, and would turn it off if it were
>> implemented (the escape sequences would just mess things up when capturing
>> compiler output in log files).
> There's no reason it would have to do that. ?Git does a great job of
> colouring output automatically when printing to a terminal but not
> when redirected to a file or pipe. It also automatically pipes output
> through a pager when it won't fit on the screen, and because it runs
> the pager internally it still knows the final output is a terminal and
> so outputs in colour.

Yes, I do not think adding colored output is a challenge when done properly
(e.g. checking that, for example, the output device supports ANSI control
sequences even when it is a terminal, etc.)  What I am concerned about is that
the rush to have colored output may shadow the need to do it properly.

-- Gaby

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