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GSoC project idea(Before formal Submission)

Dear All,
I want to design a new IPC(Inter Process Communication) for
Linux(Which can be extended for windows and mac also) as a project in
Google Summer of Code. It may change the traditional views of the IPCs
with its added features, security and extremely easy to use. All the
traditional IPCs need lots of functions to perform a simple operation
on it . But my IPC is smarter. Only one line declaration is enough to
access the IPC. Later the IPC would work just like an ordinary
datatypes. We can perform any kinds of arithmetic or logical
operations on this IPC which is possible for other datatypes.
The possible sample syntax would be:
smart_IPC  a("name");// the "name" is the key to access the IPC, only
one line declaration is enough!!! Then the IPC 'a' works as an integer
variable to the
                                  //  programmer. Similarly it is
scalable to all other types of variable.
a = 10;
int b;
a = b+100;
cin >> a;
cout << a;
It can perform every kind of operations that the traditional IPCs can
perform. It is more secure and extremely easy to use(You can
experience it from the above example). I need your feedback before
final submission of this proposal.

Though according to the note at your idea page "But note that we are
probably not too interested in projects to add new extensions to the C
or C++ languages. We've found over time that these tend to introduce
more problems than they solve." I am not sure whether it would be
acceptable to you or not. No double it would led to an extension of
the standard C++ libraries but it would make it smarter not
overloaded. I have already started it and developed its basic
prototype and it is working properly.

I,therefore, request you to kindly give me your valuable feedback so
that I can submit my final proposal as early as possible.

Thanking You,

Subrata Biswas
MTech (pursuing)
Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
Mob: +91 7417474559

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