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Re: GCC 4.7.0RC: Mangled names in cc1


Richard Guenther <> skribis:

> 2012/3/16 Ludovic CourtÃs <>:


> Well, if you invent new paradigms

Hmm, I didnât invent anything here.

> in your plugin that are not used by GCC itself but use GCC internals
> (which all plugins have to do ...) then I know where the problem lies
> ;) I suppose you would be better served by some of the more high-level
> plugin packages that let you write GCC plugins in python or lisp?

Sure, even Guile-GCC [0].  :-)

(Speaking of which, since it mostly uses Guileâs dynamic FFI to
interface with GCC, and thus dlsyms GCCâs symbols, it will also suffer
from the transition.  How does the Python plug-in handle that?  Is it
written in ANSI C, or does it use ctypes?)

Nevertheless, I found that GNU C provides a nice middle ground.

> Or wait until GCC has fully transitioned to C++ (at least I expect we won't
> ever relax the rule that GCC can be built with a C++ compiler) and use
> C++0x lambdas.

That would be great, but Iâd like to support 4.5 and 4.6 as well.



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