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Re: GCC 4.7.0 Release Candidate available from

On 03/02/2012 08:40 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
If all goes well, I'd like to release 4.7.0 in about three weeks.

I'll drop it on Solaris. Give it a push. Do we realy really need that ppl/cloog stuff? I have never seen it build and pass any tests, ever, even once, on Solaris with or without Sun Studio compilers or GCC or prayer and geek magic under a full moon. Seriously.

Given that PPL is a C++ library, you need to build it with g++ since Studio CC and g++ aren't ABI-compatible.

That said, I'm using them in my Solaris GCC bootstraps, although it
admittedly took some effort to build initially and using it requires you
to jump through hoops to get the configure options right.  I agree that
this is an incredible mess right now.

I found it too be entirely too much work to be trusted and considered stable long term. So therefore I generally kick ppl/cloog to the curb and focus on core c,c++ gfortan and ada with objc thrown in without the ppl/cloog bits at all. I have been very happy with my results and the recent 4.6.3 RC was the most clean and pure results I have seen to date, on Solaris 8 old Sparc no less :

Hi Dennis,

I am planning to update graphite to a newer version of CLooG, which does not rely on PPL (but uses isl, a plain c library).

Is the C++ issue the only problem on solaris or are there further problems with CLooG? It would be good to know or test this in advance. Unfortunately I do not have any solaris machine and there is also none on the compile farm. Would you mind testing cloog 0.17 [1] and reporting if 'make check' succeeds.

Thanks a lot


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