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Re: [C++11] Reclaiming fixed-point suffixes for user-defined literals.

On Tue, 8 Nov 2011, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:

> (yes, that's you cue. :)  For acceptance, IMHO better get it
> working universally by open-coding the implementation without
> requiring --enable-* options.

Making something involving new types - and so ABI impact - universal 
without actually agreeing the ABI for each target with appropriate ABI 
maintainers or interest groups for that target is not a good idea.  It 
leads to ABI incompatibility with other compilers, and to inefficient and 
poorly specified ABIs that are "whatever GCC happens to implement if you 
don't think about it" like we have on several targets for complex 
types....  (I spent quite some time reverse engineering and documenting 
the peculiarities of the ABIs for 32-bit Power GNU/Linux that arose in 
that way; now documented in the ABI specification.)

(It is however desirable that supporting fixed point or decimal floating 
point for a new target ought not to require more from that target than 
appropriate definitions of the ABI.)

Joseph S. Myers

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