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"-g" option enables var_tracking and long compilation on Darwin - x86_64-apple-darwin10.8.0

404 Error on Page

Re: [Bug driver/49858] lost ability to use driver for external language support?

[C]: Unnecessary int(16)->long(32) promotion: Bug in C front end?

Re: [Gm2] gnu modula-2 + cygwin compilerfehler.... mit loesung

[gnu.org #702521] Re: Romain Geissler copyright assignment

[google] Last 4.6 merge google/main -> google/gcc-4_6

[google] Merge from gcc-4_6-branch

[google] Merged gcc-4_6-branch into google/gcc-4_6

[google] Merged google/integration -> google/main

[google] Merged trunk -> google/integration

[Melt] Runfile Mode and rest of compilation

[PATCH, rs6000] -mno-sched-prolog vs .debug_frame

[PATCH] for Re: 404 Error on Page

Re: [patches] Re: Cross compiler build instructions - PowerPC

[pph] cache replace next insert by

[pph] Merged trunk -> pph

[pph] Merged trunk->pph

[pph] Re-instantiating namespaces and symbols

[pph] Running a single test in pph.exp

RE: [RFC] Add middle end hook for stack red zone size

[RFC] Remove -freorder-blocks-and-partition

[rs6000] -mno-sched-prolog vs .debug_frame

About nested Designated Initializers

Ada boolean type

Added more notes and group picture to GCC gathering wiki

Advice for changing OpenMP translation

All my bootstraps fail with: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find crti.o in stage 2.

ANN: gcc-python-plugin 0.5

Announce: GCC MELT plugin 0.8 rc3 for GCC 4.6

announce: MELT plugin 0.8 for GCC 4.6

Announce: MELT plugin 0.8rc1 for GCC 4.6

announce: MELT plugin 0.8rc2 for 4.6

Assignment Operator Bug

Bootstrap failure with doloop optimization on ARM

Re: Bug#629142: autogen: FTBFS: Various aborts

C++ bootstrap of GCC - still useful ?

C++ mangling, function name to mangled name (or tree)

C99 Status - inttypes.h

cachecc1 query

cgraph callees availability

conversion: immediate-value -> memory ref

Copyright Assignment forms

Re: Cross compiler build instructions - PowerPC

Defining constraint for registers tuple

Does IRA support spilling to registers instead of stack?

DSL2011 paper about MELT

Du Toan G8, Phan mem du toan cong trinh uu viet nhat hien nay!

Flags and pph...

frame pointer must be single register?

gcc 4.6.1 expand is playing tricks on me

GCC 4.6.1 likes to rename my functions

gcc bitfield order control

GCC build time using bash vs. dash

GCC MELT group on googlegroups

gcc-4.4-20110705 is now available

gcc-4.4-20110712 is now available

gcc-4.4-20110719 is now available

gcc-4.4-20110726 is now available

gcc-4.5-20110707 is now available

gcc-4.5-20110714 is now available

gcc-4.5-20110721 is now available

gcc-4.5-20110728 is now available

gcc-4.6-20110701 is now available

gcc-4.6-20110708 is now available

gcc-4.6-20110715 is now available

gcc-4.6-20110722 is now available

gcc-4.6-20110729 is now available

gcc-4.7-20110702 is now available

gcc-4.7-20110709 is now available

gcc-4.7-20110716 is now available

gcc-4.7-20110723 is now available

gcc-4.7-20110730 is now available

gcc-python-plugin status update: static analysis, and HTML reports

Fwd: Google Summer of Code 2011 Doc Camp 17 October - 21 October

Re: GSOC - Student Roundup

hash signature of cc1 etc....?

Help with ivopts

Hey gcc

hi all

Hosting new mirror.

How to add a new pass?

How to fix my account on gnu.org?

How to force an indirect jump?

Improve addsi3 for CONST_INT

Fwd: Interested In Doing Documentation Project


IRA vs CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE_CLASS, + 4.7 IRA regressions?

IRA: matches insn even though !reload_in_progress

Is libiberty's splay-tree.c really a splay tree?

libstdc++-6.dll doesn't export functions -- gcc-4.6.1 and host=i686-pc-mingw32

Linemap and pph

The Linux binutils is released

Re: Long paths with ../../../../ throughout

MELT plugin 0.8rc for 4.6 on 32 bits x86

MELT plugin 0.8rc4 for 4.6

merged GCC trunk 176387 into MELT branch

Multi-register location descriptors in dwarf2out.c

Music composer for films,games and commercials

Need clarification for PPC floating Point compiler options

onlinedocs formated text too small to read


PATCH RFA: Build stages 2 and 3 with C++

Re: Re: patch: don't issue -Wreorder warnings when order doesn't matter

patch: don't issue -Wreorder warnings when order doesn't matter

Performance degradation on g++ 4.6

Please apply toplevel patches to both gcc and src

possible race condition in make install?

Pta_flags enum overflow in i386.c

Question about SMS scheduling windows

Question on missed insn combine optimization.

Register pressure analysis

Re: RFC: [GUPC] UPC-related changes

RFC: PATCH: Require and use int64 for x86 options

RFH: Impose code-movement restrictions and value assumption (for ASYNCHRONOUS/Coarrays)

Re: Richard Sandiford appointed RTL maintainer

Romain Geissler copyright assignment

RTEMS Port of GCJ Progress Report

splitting add instructions


testresults limit?

Three new additional global reviewers

tree_code enum usage in hooks.c

trunk merged into MELT branch, and improved build

unicode in gcc 4.6.1 output

Updating the CFG after function modifcation

Validity of __asm__ transformation with "m" reference

Re: viewcvs: Python error

A visualization of GCC's passes, as a subway map

Vladimir Makarov appointed Register Allocation Maintainer

write after approval status

Re: X32 project status update

Your computers are a target for theft. Don't be a victim!

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