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write after approval status


I might need to commit on the MELT branch in the next weeks, however Basile Starynkevitch which is the maintainer for this branch will not be able to commit my patchs as he will be on holliday.

So, I request a Write after approval status, as from what I have understood I need this status even to have the ability to commit in a GCC branch different from the trunk. If it is possible (but I guess it is not) I could simply have a write approval limited to the MELT branch.

If I get write after approval status, It will not change my way to send patch to the trunk, as I need to get a positif answer from a reviewer before sending it.
From, the MELT branch, Basile agrees to allow me to commit patch, he will also be able to review my change when he comes back and to revert if it is really necessary. This ability to commit on the MELT branch is quite important for me, in order to complete my GSOC project.

Here are some links to the patchs I already proposed (and were accepted):

[PATCH] c-pragma: adding a data field to pragma_handler:
    which was finally updated in:

[PATCH, MELT] add dominance functions

[PATCH, MELT] Add PRE_GENERICIZE callback support in MELT

[PATCH, MELT] correct meltgc_read_from_val without location

[PATCH, MELT] pragma support in MELT

[PATCH, MELT] fix useless forcing of GCC garbage collector

[PATCH, MELT] correcting path error in the

Pierre Vittet

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