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GSOC - Student Rondup

Hey all,

I was talking on IRC the other day with others and we thought this
would be a nice idea, to ask all GSOC students how were all getting on
working within GCC. As i am sure you have noticed GCC is a pretty big
piece of code and it can be hard to get to grips with it all. I am
kind of lucky because i was on GSOC last year and spent most of the
summer if not all just getting comfortable with it.

So i thought we could use this as a thread to introduce us a students
to each other I'll go first!

My name is Philip Herron I'm from Ireland and i got inspired by Paul
Biggars work into PHC to implement a
python front-end to gcc. Its hard but just something i find
interesting more than anything. I'm am getting on quite well with my
project, spent last week after the GCC meet-up in London cleaning up
my IL and now i am implementing my own pass system as i have to
iterate several passes over my IL (for various reasons) before i
generate GENERIC.

As i was on GCC last year i thought i would share things i found to be
helpful when you encounter a problem:

1 - Work at it for max 1 day on your own but definitely try to join
our irc on #gcc and ask. If you still find no help send a
mail to gcc-help

2 - gcc -save-temps can be helpful now and again when working with
alot of macros

3 - ack-grep is very helpful: makes
searching though code much easier than learning to use grep properly

4 - Don't be afraid to ask questions as often as possible on irc and
to your mentor I've bugged my mentor Ian with alot of really stupid
small things all the time :) but they don't bite.

And just finally i thought i would ask what aspects have you found
within gcc hard to get to grips with if at all, it could be
interesting to see if there is any correlation between areas.

Personally i found getting to grips with Makefiles properly was hard i
used to rely on automake for everything before. And learning to figure
out how to use the generic tree api was confusing but in the end its
very simple. We've found not all students are on irc its a really
great platform to ask questions very informally its worth getting used
to you can use web clients like mibbet irc or firefox extensions, i
use irssi but those clients are much more friendly.

Hope everyone's project is going well and your comfortable or getting
more comfortable with what your doing! :)

Happy Coding!


PS: what do you think of the idea if we have a thread like this every
few weeks or sooner (maybe on irc)? Just to see if we can help each
other etc?

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