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RE: A Framework for GCC Plug-ins

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the info - nice work!

I forwarded your email to cTuning mailing list because maybe some colleagues 
who are/have been working on Interactive Compilation Interface will be 
interested in this work too ...


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From: [] On Behalf Of Justin Seyster
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2010 3:32 AM
To: GCC Mailing List
Subject: A Framework for GCC Plug-ins

One of my research projects for the past few months has been a
framework for writing GCC instrumentation plug-ins called InterAspect.
I am releasing the project today, and since there is a general
interest in plug-ins on this list, I wanted to send a quick
announcement with a pointer to the web site:

The idea of compiler plug-ins has a lot of potential, which is why I
hope this framework can make compiler plug-ins in general more
accessible to people who don't have extensive background in GCC's
internal workings.

All the code for the project is available under the GPLv3.  Also, I'll
be presenting the project at the International Conference on Runtime
Verification 2010, which is next week.  Thanks a lot to everybody on
the list who helped out with questions while I was working on this.

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