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GCC Bugzilla upgrade to version 3.6.2 in progress

Hi all,

A test installation based on a copy of the GCC Bugzilla database
(snapshot taken yesterday, September 9) and upgraded to Bugzilla 3.6.2
is now live at

Please give it a look, and file bugs related to missing or broken
customizations in the new "Bugzilla" product on the test installation,
i.e. using this link:

Note that I didn't port *any* customization yet, so you probably have a
lot to say. ;)

Those of you who are used to report bugs on installations running
Bugzilla 3.x will already be familiar with the new UI. Those who only
know Bugzilla 2.x may feel a bit lost at first, but you will quickly see
the numerous advantages and features of Bugzilla 3.6 over the old
Bugzilla 2.20 one. I will try as much as possible to convert hacks
implemented by GCC in 2.20 to supported features, extensions and hooks
available in Bugzilla 3.6, to 1) ensure that customizations do not
generate unexpected behaviors or bugs, and 2) to make the code more
easily maintainable and portable to future releases of Bugzilla.

For a list of new features available in Bugzilla 3.6.2, see the release
notes at

To track progress on the GCC Bugzilla upgrade, our meta bug is

Have fun testing the new Bugzilla,


PS: Those of you who cannot log into
because your password is less than 6 characters long must click the
"Forgot password" link. You will get an email with a link to follow,
from where you will be able to enter a new password (which must be at
least 6 characters long, for obvious security reasons. This minimum
value of 6 is the standard value for all new Bugzilla installations
around the world, not only GCC).

For help, you can find me on in the #overseers channel.

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