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Re: Using C++ in GCC is OK

> Because C++ is a big language, I think we should try to enumerate what
> is OK, rather than what is not OK.
> Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to develop the C++ coding
> standards?
I hope you you don't mind my question (as I am currently not an active GCC 
developer), but what is the point of this? I understand why you do not want 
to have sudden, disruptive changes to a large existing code base, so any 
introduction of C++ features should be careful and controlled, but why 
artificially eliminate parts of the language?
I personally think the coding standard should be: "All C++ code has to be 1) 
easily readable, 2) easily maintainable, and 3) produce efficient machine 
code and conserve memory. Apart from that use ISO/IEC 14882-1998".

Now I know that this is totally unrealistic in the context of the GCC 
project, and some people here get really nervous about a potential C++ 
creep, but IMHO artificial limitations on a pure syntax base are not really 
meaningful. One should look at the consequences and not at the syntax.


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