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Re: possible license issue (documentation generated from source) in MELT branch of GCC

Basile Starynkevitch wrote:

To my greatest & extremely positive surprise, I got today an answer from
the FSF (I really am very happy of such a quick answer)! I hope it OK to
cite here part of the reply I've got to my question  [ #579118]
to since Karl Berry replied to me

The FSF has already officially approved and recommended the strategy
mentioned in your message, and throughout the thread: dual-license,
under the GPL and GFDL, material that applies to both code and
or is auto-generated from one to the other.

In your case, you are generating documentation from the code.  So, put
license notice in the original (GPL'd) source files that the
documentation so generated is also available under the FDL.
Automatically insert an FDL license statement in the generated files.

Regards and thanks to everybody!

Great, it's always good when you hit an established FAQ to which the answer is already available


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