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Re: [RFC] Switching implementation language to C++

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 11:22 AM, Diego Novillo <> wrote:
> Now that the SC and the FSF have agreed to this, we should decide whether we
> switch and how. ?So, I would like comments on the following questions:
> 1- Should we switch to C++?

By switch, do you using a C++ compiler to compile everything, or that some
components may be written only in C++ with sufficient care that they can be
linked with other part written in C?

> 2- What is the cost in terms of build time?

we would have to measure when we can a sizable component in C++

> 3- What coding guidelines should we use?

this is under discussion :-)

> 4- Should we make the switch during the 4.6 stage 1?


> Questions 2-4 are predicated on the outcome of #1.
> We need volunteers to work on #3.

I can help with #3 -- but not if we have to rehearse old debates :-/

> ?Personally, I would just use some other
> existing coding guideline that we find reasonable.

I agree.

>I do not volunteer to do
> this. ?My knowledge of C++ is sufficiently limited that I don't trust myself
> to work on this.
> Diego.

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