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Re: Request for suppressing "warn_unused_result" warnings

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 11:32:46AM -0700, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Please read .
> As the compiler documentation states, warn_unused_result was intended
> for cases where failing to check the return value is always a security
> risk or a bug.  The documentation cites the example of realloc.  That
> is a case where casting the return value to (void) would always be
> wrong.  The compiler really should warn for that code by default; if
> you have some crazy need to ignore the result of realloc, just use the
> -Wno-unused-result option.
> That said, I agree that glibc is overly aggressive in using
> warn_unused_result when FORTIFY_SOURCE is defined.  I agree that
> Debian is overly aggressive in having a distro-specific patch to
> enable FORTIFY_SOURCE by default.  I think that both of those
> decisions were ill-advised.  The combination of those decisions with
> the ones made by the gcc developers definitely makes some code
> inappropriately awkward.
> So what are the right choices here?  I tend to be reluctant to endorse
> adding a new option, but I can't think of another approach. 

Perhaps we might have a pragma to avoid a specific occurrence of the warning.

So the example code would become:

   extern int foo() __attribute__((warn_unused_result));
   int main()
   /* the pragma has effect only on the following statement */
   #pragma GCC dont_warn_unused_result
      (void) foo();

      return 0;

Or perhaps even
  _Pragma(GCC(dont_warn_unused_result), foo())

I know that pragmas have been undesirable in GCC, but perhaps in that
case (marking a specific occurrence or statement) they might be
ok. AFAIK, we don't have statement attributes.

Or perhaps it should be yet another builtin, eg

An artificial, contrieved, hypothetical use case could be when the
programmer know for sure that a particular call occurrence to a
warn_unused_result function don't return normally (e.g. always throws
a C++ exception or do a setjmp in C or loop forever.).

But I agree that all this is not very important. Sorry for bothering!

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