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Re: Why not contribute? (to GCC)

On 24 April 2010 21:35, Thomas Neumann <> wrote:
>> What reasons keep you from contributing to GCC?
> I tried this a while ago, but ultimately gave up because I could not get my
> patches in. Some were applied, but many never made it. Admittedly they were
> perhaps not of general interested, there were only improving compatibility
> of the gcc base with C++ (what Ian Lance Taylor then did later).
> The most frustrating part was not getting patches rejected (I could then
> improve them, after all), but having patches ignored. You submit a number of
> patches, and the result is... nothing. No response at all. Not exactly what
> encourages gcc as a free time activity.

Patches falling through the cracks is a well-known problem. Currently,
the only advice is insisting politely. Even a patch from a
long-standing contributor may require four or five pings. The person
in charge may not even be aware that the patch is for them because of
the subject or they might be in vacation or very busy. Often they are
unsure about the patch and waiting for others to comment. Not getting
your patch reviewed after four or five pings would be enough to raise
the issue in a more general email.



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