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Processing global static (or const) variables


I'm trying to develop a dead code finder using gcc and mozilla's
treehydra but I've hit a wall processing certain initializations of
global variables.

In order to mark a function declaration whenever its address is held
in a file scope variable/table/structure I use code like this:


static tree find_funcs_callback(tree *tp, int *walk_subtrees, void *data) {
  tree t = *tp;

    // dump function

  return NULL_TREE;

static void find_funcs(tree decl) {
  walk_tree(&decl, find_funcs_callback, NULL, NULL);

// elsewhere
struct varpool_node *vnode;


Unfortunately this doesn't work for code like this:


int foo() {
  return 0;

typedef struct {
  int (*p) ();
} Table;

const /* or static, or const static */ Table t[] = {
  { foo }


If I remove the qualifiers from my table the initialization is
detected. Is this a bug or is there some other way of recovering the
FUNCTION_DECL? It doesn't need to be modular, I just have to find a
way to dump the function.



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