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Does gengtyped gt-*.h depends upon the configuration of the compiler?

Hello All,

Sylvestre Ledru is very nicely trying to package MELT as a packaged debian plugin for GCC 4.5 - MELT can be compiled either as an entire GCC branch, or as a GCC 4.5 -i.e. trunk- plugin.

However, we seems to have found some difficult issue. As Diego added into the documentation:

"Plugins needing to use gengtype require a GCC build directory for the same version of GCC that they will be linked against."


So it needs to run gengtype to generate the GGC roots table specific to MELT. MELT also have its own GTY-ed struct in melt-runtime.h & some GTY-ed roots in melt-runtime.c

MELT only need gengtype to generate its gt-melt-runtime.h but I have no idea if that file depends upon the configuration (and notably the target for which GCC is built). The GTY-ed data of MELT does not depend (IMHO) upon the configuration directly (in the sense that there is no #ifdef around GTY-ed struct), but of course it points to data like Gimple or Tree which I imagine depend upon the configuration of GCC (notably --enable-check but perhaps also the target ...)

In other words, would a gt-melt-runtime.h generated on Debian/Linux/AMD64 would be ok for a Debian/Linux/x86 or Debian/Linux/ARM? I blindly guess that probably not, but I am not sure.

Apparently, the constraint that gengtype requires availability of both the source & the build trees of the GCC for which the plugin is built is quite unnatural (but of course I understand why it is needed) and could be perhaps incompatible with the way many Linux distributions (including Debian) are naturally packaging GCC.

Comments are welcome.


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