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Re: i370 port

Now all code needs to be exposed to this.  ie libiberty and
gcc.  To fit in with the new style of building, I basically want
to update ansidecl.h to do a:

#ifdef PUREISO
#include "mshort.h"

Does that seem reasonable?

The ISO C99 standard requires that an identifier have 31 significant initial characters, so PUREISO does not seem like the right name here.

Ok. I was under the impression that C99 was rarely fully implemented, and far from universal, thus pretty irrelevant.

Based on your suggested #define's, your system seems even more
restrictive than ISO C99 requires.  I vaguely recall that ISO C90
requires 6 significant initial characters, so something like

Yep, externals need to be unique in the first 6 characters, and with case ignored. My system requires 8, and ignores case.

PURE_ISO_C90 might be right here.


I can see that ansidecl.h is a tempting place to put this, but I don't
think it is correct.  ansidecl.h is used by many different programs,
including the GNU binutils and gdb.

Ok, but it's a non-default option, so would have no effect on those.

Changes that are specific to gcc
should be in gcc, probably in gcc/system.h.  Changes specific to
libiberty should be in libiberty, probably in include/libiberty.h.

I can give it a go, but I'm not sure they kick in early enough. I even had to move the ansidecl in cplus-dem.c up to get it to take effect soon enough.

But in principle, separating the remaps for libiberty and gcc into
two different files sounds like the correct thing to be doing, so
I'll see if I can get that to work.  Needs a bit more infrastructure
to be written though.  :-)

BFN. Paul.

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