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Re: MPC 0.8 prerelease tarball (last release before MPC is mandatory!)

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 1:22 AM, Kaveh R. Ghazi <> wrote:
>> From: "David Edelsohn" <>
>> MPC-0.8 build fails on AIX due to libtool. ?The changes to libtool
>> between MPC-0.7 and MPC-0.8 rely on Bash-specific features. ?Manually
>> editing libtool to use Bash allowed the build to succeed.
> Hi David,
> Can you please be more specific about this problem? ?I've seen several build
> reports on non-gnu systems that don't use bash as the default shell,
> including my own solaris2.9 box. ?None of them fail on bash-isms. ?So I'm
> curious what the actual failure is on AIX.
> The more recent libtool was suggested to avoid some issues on darwin, so I
> prefer not to opt for a downgrade if at all possible. ?If there is some
> non-portable shell construct, we should file a bug report with the libtool
> maintainers. ?Another option in the mean time is that if ksh or some other
> shell supplied by default works on AIX we could recommend using that via

AIX Shell is KSH.

The problem is shell append += and libtool not running with the same
shell used by configure.

After my intervention:

$ make check

All 57 tests passed

Thanks, David

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