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Re: MPC 0.8 prerelease tarball (last release before MPC is mandatory!)

From: "David Edelsohn" <>

MPC-0.8 build fails on AIX due to libtool.  The changes to libtool
between MPC-0.7 and MPC-0.8 rely on Bash-specific features.  Manually
editing libtool to use Bash allowed the build to succeed.

Hi David,

Can you please be more specific about this problem? I've seen several build reports on non-gnu systems that don't use bash as the default shell, including my own solaris2.9 box. None of them fail on bash-isms. So I'm curious what the actual failure is on AIX.

The more recent libtool was suggested to avoid some issues on darwin, so I prefer not to opt for a downgrade if at all possible. If there is some non-portable shell construct, we should file a bug report with the libtool maintainers. Another option in the mean time is that if ksh or some other shell supplied by default works on AIX we could recommend using that via CONFIG_SHELL.

What do you suggest as possible ways forward?


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