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Re: MPC 0.8 prerelease tarball (last release before MPC is mandatory!)

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 12:18 PM, Kaveh R. GHAZI <> wrote:
> A prerelease tarball of the upcoming mpc-0.8 is available here:
> This release is feature complete with respect to C99 and GCC's needs.
> So I expect to make this version be the one made mandatory for the
> gcc-4.5 release. ?If there are any remaining bugs especially
> portability problems to GCC's primary or secondary platforms, I'd like
> to get those reported and fixed before this release is final.
> Please test this MPC package and report back the results of running
> "make check" along with your target triplet, the compiler version you
> used, and the versions of gmp/mpfr used to compile it. ?You do not
> necessarily need to bootstrap mainline GCC with this MPC, but if you
> have the spare time and cycles it would be nice too.

MPC-0.8 build fails on AIX due to libtool.  The changes to libtool
between MPC-0.7 and MPC-0.8 rely on Bash-specific features.  Manually
editing libtool to use Bash allowed the build to succeed.


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