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"plugin"-ifying the MELT branch.

Hello All,

To make MELT more interesting & more easy to use, I want to make it become a (big & meta *) plugin. I also need to document & illustrate it much more. I actually did start to work on the pluginification of MELT: I mean making MELT a real GCC plugin, not needing any core GCC patch anymore. The current snapshot (rev148175 of the MELT branch) already have some call to register_callback (with PLUGIN_GGC_MARK, so I don"t need to hack the GGC collector anymore.), even if MELT is not yet a real plugin.

I think that would be doable once gengtype is able to work in plugin mode, i.e. once the patch is accepted into the trunk (or an equivalent way of doing it). AFAIK, once such a facility is provided, I could make MELT a plugin quite easily (by dropping some minor MELT functionalities, probably the compiler probe and the libtool support - ie using dlopen instead of the lt_dlopenext wrapper.

This brings some questions.

Can a branch be simply a plugin, or should I close (soon) the melt-branch and start a melt-plugin-branch on the SVN. If I do that, do I need some authorization? from whom?

Will there be a list of FSF-owned plugins (outside of the trivial ones for testing)? MELT could be an example of a non-trivial FSF plugin.

Perhaps we need on the SVN an additional class of sub-repositories. Not only branches and the trunk (and old releases) but also plugins....

I won't be able to attend the summit this year.


Note *: MELT is a meta plugin in the sense that it generate C code, compile it, and dynamically load it. However, the MELT generated plugins do not follow the plugin API; they have their own ones!

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