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Re: variadic templates supported in non-c++0x mode

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 6:58 AM, Sylvain Pion
<> wrote:
Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
2009/3/10 Sylvain Pion <>:
The problem I fear is that variadic templates are already conveniently
used as an implementation detail in libstdc++.  And the warning there
is probably hidden by the "system header" warning removal machinery.
But then probably, variadic templates are implemented as a GCC
extension to C++98 and they work fine with -std=c++98 despite what the
warning says. Or don't they?
Yes, but like any extension, it's nice to be able to disable them
as errors, so as to be able to use GCC for checking code portability.

libstdc++ ought to be able to use GNU extensions that make the implemnentation easier. Consequently, I do not see the complete removal of variadic templates under -stdc=c++98 as an option. However, people can propose patch to make extensions non-available outside system headers.


Sylvain Pion
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Geometrica Project-Team

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