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Re: GCC and the Visual Basic programmer....

    However,  a proportion of code written for Visual C++ 
    makes use of
    propriatery runtimes such as MFC, the runtime EULA of which 'currently' 
    prevents the use of MFC
    based applications with a 'free' OS like ReactOS or GNU based toolchains...

And even if it were permitted, it would be a bad thing to use it,
since it is non-free (user-subjugating) software.

    Should there be an alternate but compatible implementation of MFC?

It would be very useful to implement compatible interfaces
but make it run on GNU and Unix systems.

    Should there be a way of using Visual Basic style code without using the 
    vendors runtime?

Yes.  It would be good to add to GCC a front end for Visual Basic.

    Technically speaking, I've been told VB used a p-code form rather than 
    direct compliation
    to native code, so ..
     Is there a way to automate the conversion/loading of  this p-code into  
    form that would compile with
    with a GNU derived toolchain?

Since that would still mean using non-free software, it isn't a
solution.  It's just a different form of the same ethical problem.
A solution means doing it without proprietary software.

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