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Re: gcc-in-cxx branch created

[ Dropping gcc-patches. ]

"Gabriel Dos Reis" <> writes:

>> I have not yet committed any patches to the branch--at present it is
>> just a copy of the trunk.  I will start committing patches soon, and
>> anybody else may submit patches as well.  The branch will follow the
>> usual gcc maintainership rules, except that any non-algorithmic
>> maintainer may additionally approve or commit patches which permit
>> compilation with C++.
> I have a question:  I suspect that in concreteness you would prefer declarations
> in GCC headers have a C++ linkage, as opposed to C linkage -- except where
> for interoperability  with common runtime systems, we want the
> declarations to have
> C linkage (e.g. in libgcc for example).  Am I correct?

Yes, I think that makes the most sense.

> The reason I'm asking is that a fresh build o gcc-in-cxx dies on my machine with
> complains that `program' has conflicting declarations: once in
> libcpp.h as having
> C++ linkage, once in toplev.h with a C declaration.  It is the
> tradition in modern
> C++ to avoid having many `sources' for the same declaration.

Yes.  I'm working around that for now by editing toplev.h, to avoid
pushing libcpp and libiberty to C++ right away.

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* This is used by cpplib and libiberty.  */
extern const char *progname;

#ifdef __cplusplus

I'll try to get my current set of patches committed to the branch
later today.


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