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Re: gcc-in-cxx branch created

wwwdocs isn't branched, but there should be a version of 
codingconventions.html with the conventions being followed for the use of 
C++ on the branch.  (Parts of the libstdc++ coding style may be relevant.)

I think a more conservative approach is needed to being buildable with a 
range of versions than making sure version N is buildable with N-1; I 
suggest choosing a GCC version between three and five years old and saying 
that code must be in the intersection of ISO C++98 and the parts of C++ 
supported by that version (and testing bootstrap with a non-GNU compiler, 
as well as with the GCC version chosen, before any merge to trunk).  For 
comparison, 2.95 is the current minimum version for building the non-C, 
non-Ada front ends (when building a cross compiler), while 3.4 is required 
for building Ada, and all non-Ada front ends can be bootstrapped starting 
from a non-GNU C compiler.  The versions chosen should of course go in 
gcc/doc/install.texi on the branch.

Joseph S. Myers

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